About LovelyThreads.co

Don't you just love shopping for fashion? We do too - and that's why the team (A.K.A a group of friends from Australia, the land down under) at Lovely Threads Co works around the clock to discover and bring all new fashion to the forefront. 

    Over the years, many retailers have opted to simply find "popular" styles, and run them over and over again until nobody likes them anymore. This is especially true at the BIG retailers, because you'll see the same recycled styles every. Single. Season.

    Of course, there are some cool and cute pieces we all come across, but retailers are often "boring", and rarely offer new styles offered all around the world.

    Some of those unique styles and trends come from Europe, Asia, and of course our home land Australia.

    LovelyThreads.co is born...

    We don't like limits, and neither do you. Lovely Threads Co is THE refinery, and only selects fine, fashionable pieces from our various manufacturers who are inspired by artists from all over.

    That means you can find unique streetwear styles, new styles of party dresses, and amazingly cute pieces you haven't seen before.

    When Lovely Threads started, we wanted to design a brand that EMBRACES worldwide style and fashion, not just what's "trendy" in mega popular online and retail outlets.

    And lets be honest, nobody would actually wear 95% of what goes on during Fashion week!.

    By choosing to shop with Lovely Threads.co, you are making a statement - that you don't need high end designer labels, or high price tags to be "YOU".

    Embrace your own style...

    We actually enjoy being that "small" company in a sea of huge brands that love to overhype and overpromote their clothing. At the moment, we are working directly with garment manufacturers (which a lot of "premium" brands actually work with... except with their own labels!).

    And we also love to give our loyal customers personal style advice, recommendations, and regular discounts when we get new stock in, and find items that you may be looking for.

    How many "big box" stores can do that for you? :)

    We look forward to helping our fashionistas find and create stunning, gram-worthy outfits, without breaking the bank!

    P.S. We send semi-regular discounts, notifications about new collections and products - be sure to sign up to the email list to stay updated!